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One in a series of images of a large demolition / construction project underway during the summer of 1980. [Possibly, this is part of the campus drainage improvement plan, as Hoke Hall experienced flooding in 1978.] Background from left to right:…
"7/19/1982" An image of heavy equipment leveling the ground next to the football field and preparing for the installation of the new light poles.
"9/14/1982" An image of the new light poles being installed next to the football field.
"2/1983" Eleven images of the flagpole being removed from the Arnold Hallmark Memorial Rose Garden out in front of Inlow Hall.
"4/1985 - Campus improvements" Nine images taken during the installment of a new baseball field scoreboard.
"6/25/1985 - Campus candids" Seven images of employees digging holes with a CASE backhoe.
"8/1985" A series of images of the digging up and removal of the part of 8th Street that came up onto campus in front of Walter M. Pierce Library.
"5/1987" Nine images of an area of campus undergoing some land development.
"6/1987" Nine images of a house in La Grande, Oregon that is undergoing demolition: Five of two boys working inside with pry bars, and four of a Case backhoe / bulldozer parked in front of the house.

"1989" An image of work being done on the exterior of Pierce Library, including the addition of a new back entrance.
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