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"4/1987 - Campus scenes" Two images of four young men walking together on campus streets and sidewalks.

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"4/1983 - Sec Ed [Secretarial or Secondary Education?]" Sitting on an outdoor bench, a student writes a paper.

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"Summer Session" Six images of a group taking a day trip into different environments near to La Grande, Oregon. They visit a small lake with sagebrush and scrubby growth near it, and then they head into the mountains to look at the dirt and rockā€¦

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"Lily White Field Station - Eagle Creek District - Baker County - Wallowa Mountains"

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"1990 - Skiing" - five images

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"1989" An image of one of the side entrances to Ackerman Elementary School.

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"1989" Four images of a small section of Highway near La Grande, OR. Mt. Emily is visible in the background.

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"1989" An image of Mel Buffington standing next to one of the EOSC campus vehicles on K Avenue.

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"1989 - Loso Hall" Twelve images of men working to lay the roofing tiles on Loso Hall during it's construction.

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"1988" An image of an area of campus taken from an elevated position on Hoke Hall. The stadium stands are visible in the left side background.

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