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"Baseball" Two images of EOSC baseball player's, #20 and #22, hanging a large banner on the stands in Quinn Coliseum. The banner reads: "Eastern's Rat Pack."

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Taken from some distance away, the football field, light poles, and covered bleachers of the campus stadium can be seen.

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"March 3, 1983 - Harlem Globetrotters play to sellout crowd in Quinn" - forty-seven images

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"June 1983 - Graduation" Twenty-three images of the graduating class of 1983 participating in graduation ceremonies. The audience fills the stands in the background.

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"October 25, 1975 - Homecoming Game: EOSC vs. Central Washington State College" - nine images

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Three images of the action during a baseball game. .022 - Background: Zabel Hall (left side), Inlow Hall (visible between dugout and bleachers).

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"EOSC vs. WSU - Snowflake Field" - seven images

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Two images taken during a basketball game of the fans in the stands and the sports announcers working the game.

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Wearing their uniforms, a small group of basketball cheerleaders entertain the crowd during a game.

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"Alumni Game" An image taken during an alumni baseball game of the Mounties team at their dugout. Another photographer is also there taking pictures of the action.

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