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1981 Fiesta Bowl Pageant of Bands.mp4
La Grande High School Tiger marching band performing at the Fiesta Bowl National Pageant of Bands at Phoenix College in Phoenix Arizona. Performance included Birdland, Thor, Hello Again, Hello. Band Director: William "Randy" Powell ; Drum Major: Mark…

Senator Robert F Kennedy at EOC.mp3
Speech given by Robert F. Kennedy in La Grande, Oregon during the 1968 presidential campaigns.
"1960-61 - Bob Quinn" - two images
"1960-61" Theater Professor Richard (Dick) Hiatt.
"1987-88, Fall - Athletic Schedule" - two images
"Baseball" Two images of EOSC baseball player's, #20 and #22, hanging a large banner on the stands in Quinn Coliseum. The banner reads: "Eastern's Rat Pack."
"1988 - C.E. [Continuing Education] Staff" - six images .001 - Debbie Lee (left), Werner Bruecher (right). .002 - From far to near: Debbie Lee (1st, partially obscured by Bruecher), Werner Bruecher (2nd). .003 - Debbie Lee (left, partially obscured…
On a nice day, students relax and socialize outdoors near Hoke Hall.
Three images of a young man sitting with his back up against the trunk of a tree while he reads an Algebra textbook.
A young man appears to be late for a class or a function, as he is dressed nicely while running.
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