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An image taken at night of the area of campus below Hunt Hall looking towards the Eocene Apartments.

Position: 1239 (5 views)
"Campus views" Taken from an elevated view, this is a beautiful picture of the central area of campus. Pierce Library is on the right, Hoke Hall is on the left, and Dorion Hall can be seen in the background.

Position: 4667 (2 views)
One of the stairs and railings that used to run out from the side of Inlow Hall.

Position: 450 (8 views)
Two images of large, leafy trees on campus. .007 - Badgley Hall (background, partial corner of building).

Position: 4667 (2 views)
One of the decorative old-style lamp posts standing by the cement railings for the outdoor campus staircases.

Position: 1851 (4 views)
Four images of an EOSC employee laying bricks to create one of the planting beds on campus.

Position: 1851 (4 views)
Two images of campus buildings taken from the area of the new Zabel Hall. .004 - Ackerman Elementary (left, surrounded by trees), Hunt Hall (right). .007 - Pierce Library (central). Background: Badgley Hall (far left), Inlow Hall (far right).

Position: 2882 (3 views)
Five images of the newly planted turning circle next to Zabel Hall after a car has hopped the curb and damaged the area.

Position: 835 (6 views)
Inlow Hall (left) and Pierce Library (right), either seen through a set of glass doors, or as a reflection in the doors themselves.

Position: 1239 (5 views)
Three images of campus with Mt. Emily in the background. .007 - Clockwise with Ackerman Elementary School in the middle: Hoke Hall, Pierce Library, Inlow Hall, Hunt Hall, Zabel Hall (just a corner is visible). .010 - From closest to furthest away:…

Position: 4667 (2 views)

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