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"June 1983 - Graduation" - three images xx327 .014 - Hoke Hall (background). xx331 .028-.029 - Quinn Coliseum (background).
"1983" Two images of four students on a campus sidewalks near Hoke Hall.
"5/1983" A small group of students are using the outdoor Gronek Amphitheater near Hoke Hall as a meeting place.
"5/1983" Two images of two young women sitting out on the grass in front of Hoke Hall. In the background, four people are at the top of the stairs talking.
Two images of students relaxing on the grass near Hoke Hall.
Two images of students using bicycles to get around on campus. .008 - Near Hoke Hall. .009 - In front of Ackerman Elementary School.
"Campus views" Taken from an elevated view, this is a beautiful picture of the central area of campus. Pierce Library is on the right, Hoke Hall is on the left, and Dorion Hall can be seen in the background.
"Mrs. Lister & Hoke Center" [Mrs. Lister performed an honorary ground breaking for the Hoke College Center after construction had already began. She was honored for her large showing of support for the needed building.] - nine images .024 - Mrs.…
Three images of students outdoors on a snow day. The snow is so deep that many features, such as bushes, benches, and sidewalks are completely obscured in the white. .010-.012 - Hoke Hall (background). .010-.011 - [Same woman in 2012.2.xx153.007 and…
Twelve images of a game of flag football played out on the football field. xx177 .001-.002 - Background from left to right: Dorion Hall, Hoke Hall, Zabel Hall. .003 - Background: Hoke Hall (left), Zabel Hall (right). .004-.005 - Background: Hunt Hall…
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