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La Grande, Oregon with Mt. Emily in the background.
"February 1983" Two images of a young man walking on one of the sidewalks near Badgley Hall. Snow-covered Mt. Emily is visible in the background.
Mt. Emily in the distance.
Nine images of the "Mt. Emily Co-op - Staple Foods in Bulk - Est. 1973 - Non-profit org." Seven of the pictures show the interior with people shopping the bins and cashing out their purchases, and the other two pictures are of the entrance.
Six images of an unidentified young woman on the Grand Staircase behind Inlow Hall. .007-.008 - Background: Residential area of La Grande, OR. Further back: Mt. Emily. .009-.010 - Inlow Hall (background). [Same woman in 2012.2.xx179.019 and…
An image of the starting line for a race at a track meet. An official stands on a ladder while holding the starter's pistol aloft. In the background from left to right are the Hoke Building, Pierce Library, and Ackerman Elementary School. In the…
Three images of campus with Mt. Emily in the background. .007 - Clockwise with Ackerman Elementary School in the middle: Hoke Hall, Pierce Library, Inlow Hall, Hunt Hall, Zabel Hall (just a corner is visible). .010 - From closest to furthest away:…
Seven images of campus with Mt. Emily in the background. Going around roughly clockwise from 6:00, the buildings are: The Quinn Coliseum roof, Hoke Hall, Pierce Library, Badgley Hall, Inlow Hall, Hunt Hall, Ackerman Elementary School, and Zabel Hall.
"1974 - Honors-Intact Party" - twelve images .003 - Ian Gatley (profile). .006 - Mike Daugherty (profile, looking at keg), Mt. Emily (background). .008 - Mike Daugherty (right edge). .011 - Ian Gatley (waving).
Two images of campus taken from up on Hoke Hall. .009 - From left to right: Pierce Library (partial), Inlow Hall, Ackerman Elementary School. .010 - From left to right: Facilities (partial), Badgley Hall, Pierce Library, Inlow Hall (partial). Mt.…
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