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Two images of students talking with music professor, Lynn Bishop outdoors. Badgley Hall is visible in the background.
Two images of large, leafy trees on campus. .007 - Badgley Hall (background, partial corner of building).
Two images of campus buildings taken from the area of the new Zabel Hall. .004 - Ackerman Elementary (left, surrounded by trees), Hunt Hall (right). .007 - Pierce Library (central). Background: Badgley Hall (far left), Inlow Hall (far right).
Three images of campus with Mt. Emily in the background. .007 - Clockwise with Ackerman Elementary School in the middle: Hoke Hall, Pierce Library, Inlow Hall, Hunt Hall, Zabel Hall (just a corner is visible). .010 - From closest to furthest away:…
Seven images of campus with Mt. Emily in the background. Going around roughly clockwise from 6:00, the buildings are: The Quinn Coliseum roof, Hoke Hall, Pierce Library, Badgley Hall, Inlow Hall, Hunt Hall, Ackerman Elementary School, and Zabel Hall.
Two images of campus taken from up on Hoke Hall. .009 - From left to right: Pierce Library (partial), Inlow Hall, Ackerman Elementary School. .010 - From left to right: Facilities (partial), Badgley Hall, Pierce Library, Inlow Hall (partial). Mt.…
A small section of the decorative banister that used to run out from the side of Inlow Hall. Badgley Hall is visible in the background through the railing.
"1967 - Summer Graduation" Eighteen images of a special guest arriving by helicopter for summer graduation. The helicopter is chartered by the Ray Harris Company out of Enterprise, Oregon. It lands on the sidewalk and lawn in front of Inlow Hall.…
Sixteen images of the EOC campus and surrounding La Grande, Oregon taken from an airplane circling overhead. The old Hoke Building has not been replaced by Hoke Hall at this point, and renovations are underway at Pierce Library.
"3/1991 - Campus scenes" - seven images .012-.013 - Pierce Library (left, partial), Inlow Hall (middle), Ackerman Elementary School (right). .014-.015 - Hoke Hall patio banister (left), Loso Hall (right). .016 - Pierce Library (left), Inlow Hall…
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