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"4/1987 - Campus scenes" Two images of Sam Shorb riding a lawnmower while mowing the grass near the side of Inlow Hall.
"4/1987 - Campus scenes" Five images of two young women studying together outdoors at one of the campus, stone picnic tables. .005-.006 - Inlow Hall (background). .009 - Inlow Hall (background).
Three images of the action during a baseball game. .022 - Background: Zabel Hall (left side), Inlow Hall (visible between dugout and bleachers).
"February 1983" Students walk across the grass lawn in front of Inlow Hall.
"Choir Tour" Six images of members of the EOSC Choir preparing to leave on tour. They are loading equipment onto a bus in the parking lot that used to exist next to Inlow Hall and waving good-bye. .007 - [Appears to be:] Dea McAvoy (4th in from…
"1975 - Graduation" - five images .004 - President Rodney Briggs (standing on stage). Background: Inlow Hall. .005-.006 - Background: Inlow Hall. .009 - Background: Inlow Hall.
Three images of the college sign on the street corner below Inlow Hall. It reads: "Eastern Oregon College - Established 1929."
An unidentified young woman pins a corsage on Evensong Queen Jean Harmon while several other ladies of her court watch. From left to right, they are: Annette Louise Stubbs (1st), Mary Lynn Berryman (4th), Catherine Bennett Brogoitti (5th).
Two images of six young women standing the top banister of the Grand Staircase behind Inlow Hall.
"Evensong" - six images .013 - "The choir is in place
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