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"4/4/1983" The front steps of Inlow Hall make a nice spot for a student to stop and read.

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"May 1983 - Badgley Hall Dedication" [The portrait displayed on the easel in some of the images is of Ralph Badgley.] - eighteen images xx256 .002-.003 - Jerry Young (at podium), Dave Gilbert (seated, next to podium). .004 - Dick Hermens…

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The "Head & Heavens Fountain" in front of Badgley Hall.

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Two images of students using bicycles to get around on campus. .008 - Near Hoke Hall. .009 - In front of Ackerman Elementary School.

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The sets of stairs and sidewalk leading up to the entrance to Inlow Hall.

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The front entrance to the Walter M. Pierce Library.

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Nine images of the "Mt. Emily Co-op - Staple Foods in Bulk - Est. 1973 - Non-profit org." Seven of the pictures show the interior with people shopping the bins and cashing out their purchases, and the other two pictures are of the entrance.

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An unidentified EOSC employee is out on the front steps area of Pierce Library. He is wearing a derby hat and holding a briefcase. xx186 .019 - Pierce Library entrance. [Background: Same person in 2012.2.xx147.012] .020-.021 - Background: Inlow Hall…

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Fourteen images of an unidentified student shoveling snow off of the steps leading up into Pierce Library. [Same person in record 2012.2.xx147.017, background of image 2012.2.xx186.019]

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