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"Campus views" Taken from an elevated view, this is a beautiful picture of the central area of campus. Pierce Library is on the right, Hoke Hall is on the left, and Dorion Hall can be seen in the background.

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Two images of a football coach talking to a player and watching from the sideline during a game played in the falling snow. .007 - Dorion Hall (background).

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"Mrs. Lister & Hoke Center" [Mrs. Lister performed an honorary ground breaking for the Hoke College Center after construction had already began. She was honored for her large showing of support for the needed building.] - nine images .024 - Mrs.…

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Twelve images of a game of flag football played out on the football field. xx177 .001-.002 - Background from left to right: Dorion Hall, Hoke Hall, Zabel Hall. .003 - Background: Hoke Hall (left), Zabel Hall (right). .004-.005 - Background: Hunt Hall…

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Two images of a boy and two young women trying to stay warm while watching an activity or event in the distance. In the background, Quinn Coliseum and Dorion Hall are visible.

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Thirty-eight images of action during an EOSC football game. xx125 .002 - Hunt Hall (background). .005 - Facilities (background, left). .007 - Background: Inlow Hall (left, partial), Hunt Hall (right, partial). .008 - Hunt Hall (background). .011 -…

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"EOSC Hoke College Center (Student Center)" - three images .004 - Building materials for the construction of Zabel Hall (foreground, left), Hoke Building (background, right side). .005 - Zabel Hall construction site (foreground, bottom of picture),…

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"Football - Mike Starr, #78" - three images xx032 .006 - Background: Quinn Coliseum (left), Dorion Hall (right).

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Sixteen images of the EOC campus and surrounding La Grande, Oregon taken from an airplane circling overhead. The old Hoke Building has not been replaced by Hoke Hall at this point, and renovations are underway at Pierce Library.

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"4/1991" Sixty-one images of students walking on sidewalks in the central region of campus. 91105 .004-.016 - Loso Hall (background). .017-.018 - Background: Hoke Hall (left, partial), Dorion Hall (middle), Loso Hall (right). .019-.023 - Loso Hall…

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