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"8/1985" Sixteen images of the digging up and removal of the part of 8th Street that came up onto campus in front of Pierce Library. .001-.002 - Pierce Library (background, partial). .007-.008 - Pierce Library (background, partial). .010 - Pierceā€¦

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"October 1979 - Homecoming Booths"

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"1949-50 - Charles Carter, Instructor of Psychology and Education" Also, identified on another image as a prinicipal at Ackerman Elementary School. [Photo appears in the 1950 Mountaineer yearbook, "Psych" section.]

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"1949-51 Charles Carter, Instructor of Psychology and Education, Ackerman Principal" This is a portrait of Charles Carter wearing a light colored, plaid blazer over a dress shirt and dark patterned necktie.

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