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"4/1987 - Campus scenes" Four images of a group of Ackerman Elementary students who have gathered around two girls who are arm wrestling while laying on the grass facing each other.

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"4/21/1983 - Quilt Project, 4th grade" - four images

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"4/5/1983 - Sister Bernice's 1st Grade Class" - six images

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"4/5/1983 - Sister Bernice's 1st Grade Class at Valley View Manor" - ten images .003-.005 - [Appears to be:] Dixie Lund (standing, eyeglasses).

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Two images taken in an Ackerman Elementary School classroom: One in which a teacher is sitting on the floor with a small group of children, and the second one of a boy using a View Master.

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"Margo Mack's Kindergarten" Five images of a few kindergarteners participating in a learning activity with small blocks.

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Six images of a soft-pitch baseball game played outdoors by Ackerman Elemenatry School children. xx273 .014 - Zabel Hall (background). .015 - Facilities (background, left side). .018 - Hunt Hall (background). xx277 .023 - Ackerman Elementary School…

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Two images of girls hamming it up for the camera as they are photographed in small groups together outside on the Ackerman Elemenatry School playground during a recess.

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Six images of children playing outside on the Ackerman Elementary School playground during a recess. Two different EOSC students supervise small groups of the children. xx273 .003 - Facilities building (background, right side). xx277 .024 - Hunt Hall…

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"Ackerman Pioneer Days" Five images of Ackerman Elementary School students eating lunch during Pioneer Days.

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