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Eight images of students walking together in small groups on campus sidewalks. A number of them are dressed extra nicely and carrying briefcases.

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"4/4/1983" The front steps of Inlow Hall make a nice spot for a student to stop and read.

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Five images, taken from an elevated position, of students walking on pathways and sidewalks across the area in front of Inlow Hall.

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"Campus" Hunt Hall with sections, "A," "B," and "C" visible. Section "D" is on the back of the building.

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"Spring term shots" Thirteen images of a student catching and throwing a frisbee out in front of Inlow Hall.

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Six images of a soft-pitch baseball game played outdoors by Ackerman Elemenatry School children. xx273 .014 - Zabel Hall (background). .015 - Facilities (background, left side). .018 - Hunt Hall (background). xx277 .023 - Ackerman Elementary School…

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Six images of children playing outside on the Ackerman Elementary School playground during a recess. Two different EOSC students supervise small groups of the children. xx273 .003 - Facilities building (background, right side). xx277 .024 - Hunt Hall…

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"May 1983 - Badgley Hall Dedication" [The portrait displayed on the easel in some of the images is of Ralph Badgley.] - eighteen images xx256 .002-.003 - Jerry Young (at podium), Dave Gilbert (seated, next to podium). .004 - Dick Hermens…

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The sets of stairs and sidewalk leading up to the entrance to Inlow Hall.

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