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"1988 - C.E. [Continuing Education] Staff" - six images .001 - Debbie Lee (left), Werner Bruecher (right). .002 - From far to near: Debbie Lee (1st, partially obscured by Bruecher), Werner Bruecher (2nd). .003 - Debbie Lee (left, partially obscured…

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"4/1987 - Campus scenes" Two images of Sam Shorb riding a lawnmower while mowing the grass near the side of Inlow Hall.

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"2/1987" Twenty-six images of employees and students gathered together for the premiere of the new Hoke Hall Coffee Shop, "Jitters." Drawings for prizes and a ribbon cutting are included in the evening's activities. xx345 .003 - Yvonne Tagge. .004 -…

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"4/1983 - Business Club Awards" - three images .026 - From left to right: Beverly Pellissier (1st), Eric Dorr Skidmore (2nd). .027 - From left to right: Betty Bohnenkamp (2nd), Beverly Pellissier (3rd), Eric Dorr Skidmore (4th), Professor Helen Lowe…

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"June 1983 - Graduation Reception" - seven images .013 - Rodney Briggs (center of image). .016 - Dave Gilbert (middle). .019 - Jack Evans (this end of sofa, wearing grad attire), Coral Ward (next to Evans). .021 - From left to right: Marilyn Feasel…

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"1983" Four images of Cleo Curry, who appears to be the latest victim of the practical joker, office decorator. Toilet paper, balloons, and streamers have been strung up in her office and on her as well.

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"1983" Twenty-six images taken at the retirement party for Cleo Sorenson. She appears in almost every single picture wearing a light colored, long-sleeved blouse with a corsage, and a just slightly darker colored skirt. xx326 .024-.025 - [Appears to…

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"1983" Two images of EOSC employee, Coral Ward sitting at a desk in her office.

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"1983 - Awards Ceremony" - sixty-eight images xx316 .003 - John Cobb (at podium, left), Yvonne Tagge (background, left edge). .004 - Dick Hiatt (at podium, left), Yvonne Tagge (background, left side). .005 - Yvonne Tagge (background, left side). .007…

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"4/1983" Six images of a casual employees' meeting held in a "round robin" fashion in Hoke Hall. .013 - Jerry Young (standing), Katsuyui Sakamoto (sitting, 2nd from left). .014 - Left to right from empty chair: Dave Gilbert (1st), Bill Wells (2nd),…

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