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"Winter - Adams Ave. - Sac. Hotel - Jack Allen Supply"
Store, shops and hotels line both sides of a main street in La Grande, OR.
"1st of E Co. 186 Inf. at Fort Lewis - Camp Murray Tent area - 41st Div. Supply Sgt Bill Corey"
"17th Tact. Recon Sqdn EM and officer's area - on the main road to Binmaley. Officer's area was on the right side of the road farther down. Directly across this road was the cemetery. Operations, Supply, Medics and Photo Section was here"
"Ford/Mercury agency - Manila" Sign on building reads: "Manila Trading Supply Company - Sales -Service"
A cowboy is up in the air off of the saddle as he is bucked forward by the horse he is riding. Sponsorship billboards hanging from the fence in the background are mud splattered. One of them reads, "D & B Supply."
"5/4/1981" Thirty-seven images taken during a baseball game between the EOSC Mounties and an opposing team.
"May 1982 - EOSC Rodeo" An image of cowgirls participating in the goat roping event at the rodeo.
"5/1991 - Eastern Rodeo" A series of images taken during the bronco busting competition at the rodeo.
"5/1991 - Eastern Rodeo" Three images of a cowgirl competing in the barrel racing event.
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