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"1972 - Registration Day, Winter" - thirty-five images "Dr. Kerley" [Dr. Kerley is named on the envelope the negative strips were saved in, but he does not appear in any of the images. It is possible he was named because he took the pictures.]…
"5/1991 - Rural Health Seminar luncheon, Eastern nursing alumni" - four images .015 - Jim Lundy.
"5/1991 - Rural Health Seminar luncheon, Eastern nursing alumni" - fifteen images 91094 .003 - Dave Gilbert (seated, 4th in from the left, in profile). .004 - Closest table from left to right: Right side: Jens Robinson (1st, in profile). Left side:…
"5/1991 - Rural Health Seminar" - ten images .001 & .010 - Carol Lindeman. .004-.005 - Marcia Shoup
"5/4/1981" Thirty-seven images taken during a baseball game between the EOSC Mounties and an opposing team.
"December 1977 - Health Center" Three images of a male student receiving a physical exam in the Health Center.
"Week of April 12, 1976 - Health Education Advisory Committee"
President Rodney Briggs (right) discusses a booklet with the man standing next to him.
"Week of April 12, 1976 - Health Center"
The nurse's desktop in the EOSC Health Center.
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