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An image of the elevated, announcer's booth at the Blue Mt. Rodeo. Three lovely, young women appear to be guests of the announcer. Painted on the front of the booth: "Welcome to Blue Mt. Rodeo."

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"May 1982 - EOSC Rodeo" Four images of cowgirls participating in the goat roping event at the rodeo.

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"May 1982 - EOSC Rodeo, Wild Cow Milking Contest, Spring Festival" - three images

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"May 1982 - EOSC Rodeo" Three images of cowboys riding horses that are trying to buck them off.

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"5/18/1981" Six images of the announcer's booth and the area directly around it where cowboys watch the rodeo action from the fences.

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"February 1978 - Rodeo Club"
Advisors, Jim Lundy (left end) and Howard Bailey (right end) pose with the Club.

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