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"Faye Higgins - The smallest man in 17th Photo Lab, holds Russell Price, the largest, to celebrate war's end!"

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"17th Photo Section - The War is Over!" Sign reads: "CLOSED Open Next War under New Management" From "Darkroom Soldier": "Ending Metaphor. To interpret the end of military hostilities, Photo Section men revised their sign to show they felt likeā€¦

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"Over looking tents of 17th Recon camp at Ie Shima - looking North - great cloud picture"

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"Breaking camp at Dulag. Most tents are down - Mess hall remains - 17th Tact. Recon Sqdn"

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"17th Tact. Recon Sqdn ground forces. Packed, ready to move (on to Mindoro - Dec 1944) 0445 - GG was our Sqdn Code identification. Photo Section and Supply section"

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"Allan Countryman and Van Reimer demonstrate Christmas Beer issue at Christmas time - Dulag Leyte. There were some of us who did not drink beer - Fred Hill"

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"Former friend, Dean Rizor from Co E 186 Infantry, Oregon National Guard with Fred Hill, when they met on Biak"

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"Earnie Stitzinger, E Co 186th - holding Japanese earth moving tool."

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"Fred Hill and E Co 186th Infantry friends from the days in Oregon National Guard Infantry Co in - La Grande Oregon - Jay Gamble"

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"Sgt Fred Hill, 1st Sgt Bill Corey, 1st Lt Ralph Badger - Visit by Hill to E Co 186 Inf. Camp on Biak. Before transferring to Air Force, Hill was also a member of ORE Nat'l Guard unit"

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