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"1935 Women's Basketball - First row: Waite, Grace Scully, M. Allen, M. Clemens, Cameron, E. Ragain. Second row: Marjorie Hindman, Gietlhuber, F. Doherty, Karstens, Price, A. M. Whiting, R. Christiansen"

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"1992 - Idaho Players" Football team members playing for EOSC, but who are from Idaho pose together in this team photo. An "EASTERN" banner is in the background.

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"The start of a 10 mile hike from 41st Division Cantonment Area - steel helmets (WW1 variety) and battle packs - 1940/41"

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"Faye Higgins - The smallest man in 17th Photo Lab, holds Russell Price, the largest, to celebrate war's end!"

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"17th Photo Gunner Earl Powers watches a swimmer in the ocean at the foot of the cliff by 17th Camp on Ie Shima"

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"LST being loaded"

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"Soldier reading on deck of LST 626, Dec 1944" From "Darkroom Soldier": "Reading Onboard. Crossing the Pacific, soldiers frequently had hours and hours to spend on deck at ease. As pictured here on another ship a year later, Hill and his fellow…

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"LST with doors closed pulling away from beach near Tacloban Dec 1944"

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"5 members - Photo section A toast Martin / Barret / Countryman / Risdon and Reimer"

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"Allan Countryman and Van Reimer demonstrate Christmas Beer issue at Christmas time - Dulag Leyte. There were some of us who did not drink beer - Fred Hill"

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