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"4326. Street Scene - La Grande, Ore."
"Adams Avenue from Depot Street, La Grande, Oregon"
Store, shops and hotels line both sides of a main street in La Grande, OR.
"Old Foley Hotel [on the left]"

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"Lobby of the Foley Hotel - 1894 - Man behind the counter, 2nd from left is Jerome E. Foley - Foley Hotel was built in 1891 - Open door leads to the bar - As of 2003, the clock [seen hanging over the reception counter] is in county clerk's office"
"Bar at Foley Hotel, La Grande, OR - 1891 / 93" [Man working bar appears to be Jerome E. Foley]

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"1918+/- Excellent view of Foley Hotel" "No. 3 Hotel, La Grande, Ore."

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"Bar at Foley Hotel, La Grande, OR - 1893 - Man at center believed to be Jerome E. Foley - Mirror behind bar covered with 'gause' [gauze] to eliminate photographer's reflection"

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"A Mr. Foley (Foley Hotel) in front of a great crowd of people [children] - A musician in background - On Adams Ave. in front of what became the 'State' Theatre"
"Adams Ave. - 1957 - Foley Hotel on left"
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