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"Alumni Game" An image taken during an alumni baseball game of the Mounties team at their dugout. Another photographer is also there taking pictures of the action.
"Football Captains" Three images of the football team captains, #67 - Saichi Oba, and #77 - H. 'Bicker' Therien."
Nine images from a Mounties baseball game.
Six images from a basketball game with Eastern players challenging another team who appear to be the Harlem Globetrotters.
"Baseball" - nine images .007-.008 - New Zabel Hall nearly completed in background.
"Basketball Team - Left to right: Row 1: Ron Koivisto, Ashley Court, Dave Helspeth, Jim Berrick, Rich Mikel, and Bob McMillan. Row 2: Manager Joe Wilson, John Lewis, Mike Wetherell, Darrel Watson, Dan Cornett, Bob Johnson, and Stan Weiper. Row 3:…
"Basketball" Eighteen images of fifteen individual basketball players. xx035 .001 - John Lewis, #50. .002 - Emory Moore, #42. .003 - Dan Cornett, #44. .004 - Ashley Court, #20. .005 - Stan Weiper. .006 - Jim Berrick, #22. .007 - Mike Wetherell. .008…
"4/1987 - Baseball" An image of a couple of baseball players at the front of the dugout during a game in Caldwell, Idaho.
"4/1987 - Baseball" Three images of the baseball coaches bringing the players over to the sidelines for a strategy talk. Head coach, Howard Fetz is wearing a hard helmet.
"4/1987 - Baseball" Thirteen images taken at a baseball game in Caldwell, Idaho.
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