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"Baseball" Two images of EOSC baseball player's, #20 and #22, hanging a large banner on the stands in Quinn Coliseum. The banner reads: "Eastern's Rat Pack."
Three images of the action during a baseball game. .022 - Background: Zabel Hall (left side), Inlow Hall (visible between dugout and bleachers).
"Alumni Game" An image taken during an alumni baseball game of the Mounties team at their dugout. Another photographer is also there taking pictures of the action.
"1988 - Baseball" Six images of individual baseball players. xx349 .013 - Brad Mills.
Two images of a young man practicing his batting skills.
Nine images from a Mounties baseball game.
"Baseball" - nine images .007-.008 - New Zabel Hall nearly completed in background.
"4/1991 - Baseball" Five images taken during a game against an unidentified team. .001-.002 - Kris Kaelin [or Kaehlin], #25.
"4/1991 - Baseball" Two images of baseball players hauling out tarps to cover homeplate and the pitcher's mound.
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