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Two images of one side of a section of Adams Avenue in La Grande, Oregon. The businesses along this part of the block include: Lottes building where "Sears is Coming Soon," M. J. Goss Motor Company, and Pat's Alley.

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"5/1986 - Springfest Rodeo" - three images Visible sponsorship billboards: .008 - "Eastside Tavern," "Bridles N Britches," "Connie's," "Trotter's," "M.J. Goss," "Skippers." .009 - "Eastside Tavern," "Bridles N Britches."

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"May 1982 - EOSC Rodeo" Four images of cowgirls participating in the goat roping event at the rodeo.

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"Ads from Stock Show Programs - 1927 M.J. Goss Studebaker Sales and Service Verna's programs before donated to County Museum"

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