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"1949-50 - W. Al Wattenbarger, Superintendent of buildings and grounds" [Photo appears in the 1950 Mountaineer yearbook, "Residences" section.]

Position: 4666 (2 views)
A heavily damaged dome topped building in Manila. It appears to have been an observatory.

Position: 1850 (4 views)
A heavily damaged Shell service station in Manila.

Position: 1850 (4 views)
This service station in Manila appears to be open. The likeness of a flying horse sits on top of the covered service area.

Position: 1239 (5 views)
Partially damaged, this business in Manila appears to be open.

Position: 450 (8 views)
A heavily damaged building in Manila.

Position: 1239 (5 views)
"Manila - Institute of X ray and Radium Therapy"

Position: 1850 (4 views)
"Manila - Samar street sign" Sign on post reads: "This street clear of mines"

Position: 1239 (5 views)
"Intra Muros wall - Manila"

Position: 832 (6 views)
"Legislative building - Intra Muros"

Position: 2880 (3 views)

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