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"April 1972 - Downtown La Grande" - twelve images .001 - Sandy's & McGlasson's. .002 - US Bank. .003 - J. C. Penney Co. & The Granada Theater. ("Sometimes a Great Notion" playing with actors, Paul Newman and Henry Fonda.) .004 - Ann Johnson's Quality…

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"5/1991 - Eastern Rodeo" Eight images taken during the bronco busting competition at the rodeo.

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"5/1986 - Springfest Rodeo" - two images Visible sponsorship billboards: .001 - "Lite Beer," "First Interstate." .012 - "Glass Rexall Drugs," "Rangler."

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"12/8/1982 - First $1,000 scholarship for Campaign for Excellence, Nancy Byassee accepting [from Dave Gilbert] for husband Gary" - two images

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"April 1979 - Priscilla Kolb, Cathy Brown Muller"
The two students look over the sheet music for Bohuslav Martinu's First Sonata.

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"August 1976 - experimental shots"
Cars are driven along Adams Avenue in La Grande, Oregon. Banks, stores, and restaurants line the sides of the road, including U.S. Bank, First National Bank, Chuck Wagon, True Value Hardware, Mr. Glasson's, and…

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A yellow sign in the window of First Interstate Bank in downtown La Grande reads, "WELCOME EOSC STUDENTS"

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Wearing a BMCC vest, a cowboy is bucked hard by the horse he is riding. So far, he is still holding on with his right hand. Numerous other cowboys watch from the fenceline in the background. Sponsorship billboards hang from the fence, including one…

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Wearing their uniforms, five members of Eastern Oregon College's basketball team pose together at the free throw line. It appears the photo was taken from above them as they are all looking up. From left to right, they are: #12 - Gary Burton, #45 -…

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"1st Sgt John Rixham from 'Strike' 17th Tact. Recon Sqdn" From "Darkroom Soldier": "Rixham Demoted. Among his commanding officers, the fate of 1st Sgt John W. Rixham was perhaps the most ironic. As Hill told the story to Martha, he noted, 'I'll bet I…

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