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Painted with sponsorship tags which read: "Compliments of KOHR Body Shop" and "Li'l Wrecker," this car is ready for its race in the Auto Cross.

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"April 1972 - Downtown La Grande" - twelve images .001 - Sandy's & McGlasson's. .002 - US Bank. .003 - J. C. Penney Co. & The Granada Theater. ("Sometimes a Great Notion" playing with actors, Paul Newman and Henry Fonda.) .004 - Ann Johnson's Quality…

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"5/4/1981" Thirty-seven images taken during a baseball game between the EOSC Mounties and an opposing team.

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"October 1980" Three images of the Baker High School Marching Band making it's way along the homecoming parade route.

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"October 1980" Five images from the homecoming parade. .001 - Homecoming royalty float. .002 - Basketall promotional with what appears to be the cheerleaders. There are four of them sitting on the corners of the car while holding balloons. .003 -…

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A two-man, make-shift bicycle is one of the vehicles in a parade making its way down the street next to Dorion Hall. Many of the residents are sitting on the ledges of the building to watch.

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"1. Pine Cone Auto Camp & Swimming Pool - 2 miles west of La Grande on the old Oregon Trail"

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