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"June 12, 1992 - Commencement: Chris Halsey, past student body president, past member OSSHE Board (at podium). Background from left to right: Treina Smith (2nd), Marcia Shoup (4th), Jerry Young (5th), Jens Robinson (6th).
"6/4/1993 - McKenzie BBQ at 4-11 center" Young an old people gather at picnic tables to enjoy an outdoor barbecue with Glen and Jean McKenzie. Table in foreground, left side: Dick Hermens and his wife, Maxine. Other end of their table: Jens Robinson.
"October 1980 - Bill (William) Wells, Continuing Education, Faculty"
"Doug Treadway, Dean of Regional Programs at EOSC"
"9/1985 - Dean William (Bill) Wells' Birthday Party" Terral Schut shares a laugh with Bill Wells who is eating a piece of his birthday cake.
"POLICY PLANNING COMMITTEE Northwest Regional C.P.E.A. (Cooperative Projects in Educational Administration) Seated: left to right Ernest L. Muzzall, Director of Instruction, Central Wash. College of Education, Ellensburg, Washington. C. Ward Macy,…
"October 1988 - Eastern Athletic Hall of Fame: Doc Savage [left]" The Athletic Hall of Fame plaque is presented by Dick Stenard (back to camera). The man standing next to Savage is John Willmarth.
"4/1987 - Scholarship Winners: Jim Hottois [left end], Jens Robinson, Dean of Education [2nd in from right]"
From left to right: Jim Lundy, EOSC President Dave Gilbert, Dick Stenard, Provost Jim Hottois.
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