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"Week of April 12, 1976 - Health Education Advisory Committee"
President Rodney Briggs (right) discusses a booklet with the man standing next to him.

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"November 1977 - Charles Fox, Advising Counselor for Vocational Rehabilitation [left] - Mike Hogan (in wheelchair) - Howard Anderson, Financial Aids Director EOSC, Chairperson 504 Committee [right]."
The two gentlemen help Mike Hogan negotiate the…

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"1932+/- Christmas dance put on by the members of the Social Committee" Wearing formal attire, a couple dances together. More couples dancing can be seen in the background, and streamers decorate the back wall.

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"Student Union Committee: Marcia McPherson, Ladd McGowan, Gene Holt, Skip Gregory. (Not pictured: Dick Cook and Gail Fisher.)" [A similar photo appears in the 1960 Mountaineer yearbook, pg. 89.]

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"POLICY PLANNING COMMITTEE Northwest Regional C.P.E.A. (Cooperative Projects in Educational Administration) Seated: left to right Ernest L. Muzzall, Director of Instruction, Central Wash. College of Education, Ellensburg, Washington. C. Ward Macy,…

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"1932 Members of the Social Committee Dance" Amidst numerous, decorated, Christmas trees, including one very tall one, couples dressed in formal wear dance. On a stage in the background, a band plays.

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