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"Week of April 12, 1976 - Health Education Advisory Committee"
President Rodney Briggs (right) discusses a booklet with the man standing next to him.
"November 1977 - Charles Fox, Advising Counselor for Vocational Rehabilitation [left] - Mike Hogan (in wheelchair) - Howard Anderson, Financial Aids Director EOSC, Chairperson 504 Committee [right]."
The two gentlemen help Mike Hogan negotiate the…
"1932+/- Christmas dance put on by the members of the Social Committee" Wearing formal attire, a couple dances together. More couples dancing can be seen in the background, and streamers decorate the back wall.
"Student Union Committee: Marcia McPherson, Ladd McGowan, Gene Holt, Skip Gregory. (Not pictured: Dick Cook and Gail Fisher.)" [A similar photo appears in the 1960 Mountaineer yearbook, pg. 89.]
"POLICY PLANNING COMMITTEE Northwest Regional C.P.E.A. (Cooperative Projects in Educational Administration) Seated: left to right Ernest L. Muzzall, Director of Instruction, Central Wash. College of Education, Ellensburg, Washington. C. Ward Macy,…
"1932 Members of the Social Committee Dance" Amidst numerous, decorated, Christmas trees, including one very tall one, couples dressed in formal wear dance. On a stage in the background, a band plays.
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