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Nine images of the "Mt. Emily Co-op - Staple Foods in Bulk - Est. 1973 - Non-profit org." Seven of the pictures show the interior with people shopping the bins and cashing out their purchases, and the other two pictures are of the entrance.

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"1989" Four images of employees posing with their ribbon winning, office door, snowman decoration. .005 & .013 - Betty Bohnenkamp (2nd in from the left), Janet Millay (right end). .006 & .008 - Betty Bohnenkamp (left end), Janet Millay (right end).…

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"2/1987 - Campus" Nine images of the Student Development Center. Various offices and services in this area include: The Career Center, Cooperative Education, Counseling, Employment and Placement services, the Native American Program, Special…

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"December 1979"
Employees working in the Co-op Education office.

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"March 1979 - Co-op Ed Conference"
Participants at this conference who have been identified are: Howard Anderson, Harvey Bennett, Ted Brown, Terry Edvalson, Dave Gilbert, Jack Schut, Doyle Slater, Doug Treadway, and Jerry Young.

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"February 1979 - Co-op Ed Students - Ignacio Stevens"
Cooperative Education student, Ignacio Stevens works at a desk in an office.

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"February 1979 - Co-op Ed Students - Mike Bennett"
Cooperative Education student, Mike Bennett works at a desk in an office.

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"February 1979 - Co-op Ed Students - Laura Croghan"
Cooperative Education student, Laura Croghan uses a type of large press to make art pictures.

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"February 1979 - Co-op Ed Students"
Cooperative Education students have the opportunity to work in aspects of graphic design.

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"February 1979 - Co-op Ed Students"
Three Cooperative Education students work together in an office.

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