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"7/7/1982" Six images of the students in a summer art class [possibly, Continuing Education] taking time for lunch in the Hoke Hall Cafeteria.
"7/7/1982" Twelve images of an art class with Professor Ian Gatley. [Continuing Education?] .002 - Ian Gatley (standing at right, pointing). .003-.004 - Ian Gatley (standing, bent at waist). .006 - Ian Gatley (standing, reflection in mirror, back to…
"4/1991 - Laidi Chen's Birthday, Continuing Education"
"9/1990 - Continuing Education" From left to right: Lee Insko (1st), Debbie Lee (3rd), Susan Daniel (4th).
"1990 - Continuing Education" - two images .001 - Don Bender (left, in profile), Lee Insko (middle). .002 - Lee Insko (seated, left end).
"November 5, 1990 - Eastern alumni gathering, Pendleton" - nine images .002 - Kelly Yenser (left, in profile), Dave Gilbert (right, in profile). .003 - Debbie Lee (left), Kelly Yenser (right). .004 - From right to left: Dave Gilbert (1st, in…
"November 1990 - Continuing Education, Umatilla County" - three images .012-.014 - Left side of table closest to furthest: Dick Stenard (1st, in profile), Lee Insko (2nd, in profile. Far end, head of table: Debbie Lee.
"1990" Five images of people with the Continuing Education program boarding a limousine. .005 - Vickie Bailey (right end). .008 - From left to right: Dixie Lund (1st, back to camera), Don Hagey (3rd, back to camera). .009 - Dixie Lund (in profile).
"1989" Three images of Molly Brog (right) posing with an External Degree student, Hathaway.
"1989 - Continuing Education" - two images .003 - From left to right: Debbie Lee (2nd), Susan Daniel (4th). .004 - From right to left: Debbie Lee (1st), Susan Daniel (2nd).
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