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"February 1983 - Consortium Board" - seven images .001 - From left to right this side of table: Chuck Haines (1st, back to camera), [appears to be:] Amelia Jossi (3rd, in profile), Doug Treadway (4th). .002 - From left to right: [Appears to be:]…
"February 1983 - Chuck Haines, Chairman of Consortium Board, Teacher, Enterprise, Ore." [A picture of Haines was cropped from the full image produced from the negative.]
"June 12, 1992 - Commencement: Chris Halsey, former OSSHE board member, past ASEOSC president" Treina Smith is seated at the right.
"June 12, 1992 - Commencement: Chris Halsey, past student body president, past member OSSHE Board (at podium). Background from left to right: Treina Smith (2nd), Marcia Shoup (4th), Jerry Young (5th), Jens Robinson (6th).
"Sumpter, Oregon - September 24, 1900 - View of Granite St. looking east - Board Street [made of wood planks] was built in 1900 - Eight horse team pulling wagon. Transferring armature to Fremont Power Co. Olive Lake from Sumpter."
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