40's Meeting, Policy Planning


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40's Meeting, Policy Planning


Superintendents, School
Universities & colleges
Bennett, Frank B.
Berry, Ray
Carleton, Linus
Caughlan, James C.
Clem, Beryl
Cronquist, George L.
Ellickson, R.T.
Emerson, D. A.
Gallagher, M.C.
Goldhammer, Keith
Good, LeRoy
Hartvigson, Milton
Jacobson, Paul B.
Johnson, Eldon L.
Katterle, Zeno B.
Macy, C. Ward
Muzzall, Ernest L.
Ostrom, Vincent
Powell, Raymond L.
Staehle, John F.
Tope, Donald E. Van
Loan, W.L.
Walker, W. Del


"POLICY PLANNING COMMITTEE Northwest Regional C.P.E.A. (Cooperative Projects in Educational Administration) Seated: left to right Ernest L. Muzzall, Director of Instruction, Central Wash. College of Education, Ellensburg, Washington. C. Ward Macy, Head of Department of Economics, Univ. of Oregon, Eugene, Oregon. Eldon L Johnson, Dean, Graduate School University of Oregon. Milton Hartvigson, Superintendent of Schools, Grace, Idaho. Paul B. Jacobson, Dean, School of Education, University of Oregon. Zeno B. Katterle, Chairman, Executive Committee
Professor of Education, Wash. St. College, Pullman, Wash. Beryl Clem, Superintendent of Schools, Lewiston, Idaho. Vincent Ostrom, Associate Director, Kellogg
Asst. Professor of Political Science, University of Oregon. Donald E. Tope, Director, Kellogg
Professor of Education, University of Oregon. M.C. Gallagher, Superintendent, Billings Public Schools, Billings, Montana. D.A. Emerson, Assistant Superintendent, State Department of Education, Salem, Oregon. R.T. Ellickson, Head of Department of Physics, U. of Oregon. Standing: left to right Raymond L. Powell, Professor of Education, College of Puget Sound, Tacoma, Washington. Leroy Good, Assistant, Washington St. College, Pullman, Wash. W.L. Van Loan, Superintendent, Corvallis City Schools, Corvallis, Oregon. John F. Staehle, Professor of Education, Montana State U., Missoula, Montana. W. Del Walker, Interne, Wash. St. College, Pullman, Wash. James C. Caughlan, Assistant Dean, Oregon St. System of Higher Education, Portland, Oregon. Ray Berry, Head of Department of Education, University of Idaho, Moscow, Idaho. George L. Cronquist, Principal of Elementary School, Puyallup, Washington. Linus Carleton, Interne, University of Oregon. Frank B. Bennnett, President, Eastern Oregon College of Education, La Grande, Oregon. Keith Goldhammer, Interne, University of Oregon."






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