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"2/1987" Twenty-six images of employees and students gathered together for the premiere of the new Hoke Hall Coffee Shop, "Jitters." Drawings for prizes and a ribbon cutting are included in the evening's activities. xx345 .003 - Yvonne Tagge. .004 -…

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"1983" Twenty-six images taken at the retirement party for Cleo Sorenson. She appears in almost every single picture wearing a light colored, long-sleeved blouse with a corsage, and a just slightly darker colored skirt. xx326 .024-.025 - [Appears to…

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"1983" Four images of students at a small party, drinking alcohol and smoking.

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Two images of a small party that appears to be for an employee's send-off. A greeting card in both pictures reads: "You're Leaving." .006 - From left to right: Yvonne Tagge (1st), Mike Daugherty (3rd).

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Seven images of a reception or employees' party in Hoke Hall. .001-.002 - Terral Schut (left end), Mike Daugherty (blocked by person in front of him), David Rothgerry (right end, beard and eyeglasses). .003 - Men in furthest background from left to…

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"1974 - Honors-Intact Party" - twelve images .003 - Ian Gatley (profile). .006 - Mike Daugherty (profile, looking at keg), Mt. Emily (background). .008 - Mike Daugherty (right edge). .011 - Ian Gatley (waving).

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"4/1991 - Laidi Chen's Birthday, Continuing Education"

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"11/1991 - [Mike] Daugherty: 40th Surprise" - fourteen images [Mike Daugherty appears in ten of these images (standing, wearing necktie).] .006 & .008 - Dick Stenard (3rd in from the left, in profile). .012 - Dick Stenard (seated, wearing blazer and…

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"7/1990 - Theresa Jordan farewell" - twelve images [Theresa Jordan appears in most of these images wearing a light colored, belted, floral print dress.] .004 - Dick Stenard (in profile). .006-.007 - Mike Daugherty (left, in profile). .008 - Pat North…

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"8/1990 - Patty Bundren farewell" - seven images [Patty Bundren appears in all of these images wearing a long sleeved, light colored blouse, and light colored slacks.]

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