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"1960-61 - Bob Quinn" - two images
"1960-61" Theater Professor Richard (Dick) Hiatt.
"September 1988 - Football" Two images of individual football players. They are wearing uniforms and holding their helmets. xx297 .038 - Tim Standley [or Standlee], #88. .039 - Tyler Miller, #67. 88319 .006 - Tim Standley, #88. .007 - Tyler Miller,…
"Spring 1967 - Evensong" From left to right: Senior Class President Jim Mehas, Student Body President Dick Johnson, Queen Susan (Sue) Strong, Princesses Shirley Nelson and Sharyn Glascock.
"Spring 1967 - Evensong Queen Susan (Sue) Strong" - two images
"Spring 1967 - Evensong Queen Susan (Sue) Strong" - two images [A similar photo appears in the 1967 Mountaineer yearbook, pg. 93.]
"Spring 1967 - Evensong Court" - three images .001 - From left to right: Jeannette (Jan) Irvine, Sharyn Glascock, Diana Traudt. .006 - From left to right: Anita Nelson, Shirley Nelson, Betty Cobb, Queen Sue Strong, Jeannette (Jan) Irvine, Sharyn…
An unidentified young man appears to be doing some sort of experiment using equipment in a science lab.
"1971-72 Girls Basketball" Five images of the women's basketball team posing together with the unidentified assistant coach and the back, left end and Coach Jean Neely at the back, right end.
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