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"June 1983 - Graduation" Wearing a cap and gown, graduating student Don Stearns, gives one of the speeches during graduation ceremonies in Quinn Coliseum. Seated behind him on the left end is Bill Wells and on the right end is Jim Petersen.
"June 1983 - Graduation" This picture was taken from behind a sea of caps with tassles. One student with a sense of humor has written, "FINALLY" on the top of her cap.
"June 1983 - Graduation Reception" - seven images .013 - Rodney Briggs (center of image). .016 - Dave Gilbert (middle). .019 - Jack Evans (this end of sofa, wearing grad attire), Coral Ward (next to Evans). .021 - From left to right: Marilyn Feasel…
"June 1983 - Graduation" Four images of administration, faculty, and students walking in processionals to their assigned seating for graduation ceremonies. .019 - From left to right: Former President Rodney Briggs (2nd), Jim Petersen (3rd), Don…
"June 1983 - Graduation" - three images xx327 .014 - Hoke Hall (background). xx331 .028-.029 - Quinn Coliseum (background).
"June 1983 - Graduation" - twenty-nine images xx315 .013 - From left to right on stage: Dave Gilbert (1st, standing), Bill Wells (2nd), Don Stearns (4th), Jim Petersen (5th). xx331 .001 - Jim Petersen. .002 - Jim Petersen (at podium). Seated on stage…
"June 1983 - Graduation" - twenty images
"June 1983 - Graduation" Twenty-three images of the graduating class of 1983 participating in graduation ceremonies. The audience fills the stands in the background.
Wearing tasseled caps and gowns, three women pose together with a fourth.
"1975 Graduation" - three images .007 & .010 - [Appears to be:] Dorothy Winters leading the procession (open robe).
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