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"June 1983 - Graduation" Wearing a cap and gown, graduating student Don Stearns, gives one of the speeches during graduation ceremonies in Quinn Coliseum. Seated behind him on the left end is Bill Wells and on the right end is Jim Petersen.

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"June 1983 - Graduation" - twenty-nine images xx315 .013 - From left to right on stage: Dave Gilbert (1st, standing), Bill Wells (2nd), Don Stearns (4th), Jim Petersen (5th). xx331 .001 - Jim Petersen. .002 - Jim Petersen (at podium). Seated on stage…

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"5/1986 - Foundation Dinner for Bill Carey" Foundation President, Bill Hermann speaks into a microphone at a podium during this dinner to honor Bill Carey who is sitting to Hermann's left.

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An unidentified woman speaks into a free-standing microphone next to a podium.

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"February 1983 - Dr. Janet Travis, Presidential Search" - four images

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"May 1983 - Badgley Hall Dedication" [The portrait displayed on the easel in some of the images is of Ralph Badgley.] - eighteen images xx256 .002-.003 - Jerry Young (at podium), Dave Gilbert (seated, next to podium). .004 - Dick Hermens…

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Seven images from the student awards banquet. .001 - Lyle Schwarz (right). .002 - Bert Wells (right). .004 - Gerald [Jerry] Young (left). .010 - Lois Barry (left).

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Five images from an EOC employees' breakfast function in the Hoke Building. There are numerous evergreen trees in the room, but they are not decorated for Christmas. .001 - From left to right: Averno Rempel (2nd), Lyle Johnson (3rd). This side of…

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Twelve images of an unidentified guest speaker talking to a decent sized audience outdoors. The listeners are sitting on the grass on a gentle slope under the shade of the trees.

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Six images of an unidentified guest speaker making a speech at a dining function in Hoke Hall.

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