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"1989" Thirteen images of trains at the La Grande railroad yards.
"6/22/1981 - Eastern Oregon Livestock Parade" - twenty-six images 81063 .006 - Sign reads: "Fair Fun in '81." .012 - Union High School (background). 81064 .006 - Union Feed & Grain (background). .007-.008 - Union Public Library (background).…
"June 1979 - EOLS [Eastern Oregon Livestock Show] Diane Walker"
"February 6, 1979 - OSU Experimental Station, Union"
Various grass samples in a "Range and Forest" display hang on the wall at the Experimental Station.
"February 6, 1979 - OSU Experimental Station, Union"
An unidentified man holds an oddly shaped object in his hands.
"February 6, 1979 - OSU Experimental Station, Union (with Co-op Ed [Cooperative Education] students)"
"November 18, 1976 - Practice teachers in their preview week of student teaching, Union High School Library. Doyle Slater organized the 'experience."
Those who have been identified are facing the classroom, and are from left to right: Dana Bailey…
"Student Union Committee: Marcia McPherson, Ladd McGowan, Gene Holt, Skip Gregory. (Not pictured: Dick Cook and Gail Fisher.)" [A similar photo appears in the 1960 Mountaineer yearbook, pg. 89.]
"Dennis Oliver, #82 - Dennis again played the position of end for the Mounties. He received many awards and letters playing for Pine Valley Union High at Halfway, Oregon before coming to EOC." [Photo appears in the 1962 Mountaineer yearbook, pg. 30.]
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