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Sixteen images taken during the Ice Cream Social. .007 - Dave Gilbert (right). .008-.009 - Jack Schut (left), Dave Gilbert (right). .010-.013 - Dave Gilbert (plaid sportscoat, eyeglasses). .014 - Jack Schut (right, profile).
Three images taken at the Spring Festival & Ice Cream Social in Hoke Hall. Young men and women dish ice cream, add toppings, and then enjoy their treat while watching various entertainment.
"1990" Nine images of students enjoying ice cream sundaes while socializing.
"12/1984" Four images of students digging into three-gallon ice cream tubs and socializing while eating their treats.
"May 1982 - Micronesian Dancers entertain at Ice Cream Social, Spring Festival"
"May 1982 - Ice Cream Social, Spring Festival" - five images
"December 1978 - Ted Brown's Social Studies Methods class"
"December 1978 - Ted Brown's Social Studies Methods class"
Professor Brown (standing) films a discussion panel during his class.
"April 14-16, 1977 - State High School Speech Tournament - Amy Cruikshank, Impromptu / Extemporaneous (Bend High School, Bend, OR)
"Sept. 10-11, 1976 - Grande Ronde Mini College"
Diane Stone (3rd in from the left, in profile), orders a glass of wine during a wine and cheese tasting social held in Hoke Hall.
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