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"11/1991" An image of the College Relations and Residence Life offices.
"1989" Six images of Jack Schut (right) posing for pictures with an unidentified student on the outdoor patio of Hoke Hall. .016 & .023 - Ackerman Elementary School (background). .025-.027 - Background: Inlow Hall (left), Ackerman Elementary School…
"1989" An image of Jack Schut, Director of College Relations (in profile).
"1988" Two images of an Oregon shaped award plaque being presented to employees in the Computer Center. From left right: Jack Schut (1st), Jim Hottois (2nd), Thomas Easley (3rd), Mary Zinter (4th), Howard Bailey (7th).
"1988 - Open House" - three images .006-.007 - Jack Schut (middle).
"1988" An image of Jack Schut, the Director of College Relations, working at his desk.
"11/1987" Three images of a lunchtime meeting with the Director of College Relations, Jack Schut. .014-.016 - Jack Schut (left, dark suit jacket, light colored shirt, necktie). [It appears that the lunch meeting is being held in the truck stop…
"7/1987 - Staff party" - seven images .014 - Jack Schut (left, in profile). .015 - Jack Schut (left), Dick Hermens (right, in profile).
"6/1987 - 50th Reunion, Classes of 1936-38" - twenty-four images 87093 .005-.006 - Betty Peck (right end). .014 - Betty Peck (standing, in profile). 87129 .027 - Jack Schut (left).
"6/1987 - Jack Schut [Director of College Relations]" - three images
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