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"1983" Four images of Cleo Curry, who appears to be the latest victim of the practical joker, office decorator. Toilet paper, balloons, and streamers have been strung up in her office and on her as well.

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"7/1987" Six images of a woman who appears to be, Myrna Edvalson, sitting in the middle of a large amount of inflated "Eastern" balloons and hanging streamers.

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"4/1987 - Staff" Eight images of a small celebration for Terral Schut's birthday. It appears that her coworkers also toilet papered her office. .001 - Terral Schut. .004 - From left to right: Barbara Boyd (1st), Nancy Youlden (3rd), Terral Schut…

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"5/1986 - Misc." Eleven images that appear to have been taken at some sort of small political celebration. There are signs for "Caldwell - For ______ Judge," and one young woman is wearing an "I Like Mike" pin. .008-.009 - Jim Petersen. .011-.013 -…

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"10/1985 - Octoberfest" Eight images of festival folk dancers inviting alumni and guests to join in on the dancing.

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"6/1985" Four images of Janet Miller sittting at her desk in her office. Balloons and streamers with "Congratulations" written on them, decorate the office.

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"4/1985 - Myrna's Birthday - 'Hippy Barfday Myrna!'"

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"12/1983" Six images taken at the Retirement Party for Howard Bailey. He appears in all of the images wearing a dark colored, sweater vest over a light colored, long-sleeved shirt .002 - Robert Rutherford (dark jacket), Betty Bohnenkamp (woman in…

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"10/1983 - Homecoming" Three images of the homecoming parade float sponsored by Hunt Hall. Banners declare: "Bury Simon Frasier" and "Go Mounties!"

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"10/1982 - October Folk Festival" An image of a student, who appears to be Student Body President Ed Smith, working in a booth decorated with streamers. He is talking with a number of people at his booth.

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