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"1989" Four images of employees posing with their ribbon winning, office door, snowman decoration. .005 & .013 - Betty Bohnenkamp (2nd in from the left), Janet Millay (right end). .006 & .008 - Betty Bohnenkamp (left end), Janet Millay (right end).…
"1989" Four images taken during the demolition of the old Facilities building. Originally, the main part of the building was called, "Pierce Hall," and it was used as a supplementary dormitory for men. Then, prior to the building of a new Plant…
"2/1987 - Campus" Nine images of the Student Development Center. Various offices and services in this area include: The Career Center, Cooperative Education, Counseling, Employment and Placement services, the Native American Program, Special…
"December / January 1979 - Susan and Leslie"
Just outside of the "Education Services and Placement" office, two students search the "Job Opportunities" bulletin board for available positions.
"May 1977 - Norm [Norman] Punches (plumber)"
Norm Punches applies a bumper sticker to one of the campus trucks. It reads: "We Save Energy."
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