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"October 24-25, 1975 - Octoberfest" - eleven images xx282 .015 - Rodney Briggs (right). .020-.021 - Burke Thomason (bottom, right side). Carmelo Bellavia (male dancer with dark hair, eyebrows, and mustache). xx288 - [Not attributed to The Observer.…
"October 24-25, 1975 - Octoberfest" - three images xx282 .003 - Rodney Briggs (left side, holding hand of young woman in costume). xx288 - [Not attributed to The Observer. Photographer: Anon]. .051 - Rodney Briggs (dancing with young woman), Ted…
"April 17, 1976 - Indian Root Feast, Saturday" - twenty-five images
"February 4, 1983 - Dance" - eight images .001-.003 - Leonard Hermens (disc jockey, tallest young man).
"Ackerman Pioneer Days" Nine images of Ackerman Elementary School students learning dances during Pioneer Days.
Six images of a live band, [possibly "Crumar"] providing the music for a dance in Hoke Hall.
Six images of a live band, [possibly "Crumar"] playing at the October Festival while people dance. .004 - Mike Daugherty (right). .007 - Mike Daugherty (3rd in from left). .008 - Mike Daugherty (facing camera).
"5/7/1983 - Indian Powwow" Twenty images of Native Americans, dressed in full regalia, and participating in the 1983 Powwow in Quinn Coliseum. xx333 .017 - Jess Jones, Umatilla Tribe (2nd in from left end, holding spear).
"5/7/1983 - Indian Powwow" Five images featuring Jess Jones from the Umatilla Tribe, dressed in full regalia and carrying a spear, and other Native Americans taken at the 1983 Powwow.
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