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"May 1983 - Badgley Hall Dedication" [The portrait displayed on the easel in some of the images is of Ralph Badgley.] - eighteen images xx256 .002-.003 - Jerry Young (at podium), Dave Gilbert (seated, next to podium). .004 - Dick Hermens…

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Two images of students talking with music professor, Lynn Bishop outdoors. Badgley Hall is visible in the background.

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Two images of Badgley Hall (originally referred to as simply the "Science Hall"). There are quite a few Volkswagon bugs in the parking lot.

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Two images of large, leafy trees on campus. .007 - Badgley Hall (background, partial corner of building).

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Three images of campus with Mt. Emily in the background. .007 - Clockwise with Ackerman Elementary School in the middle: Hoke Hall, Pierce Library, Inlow Hall, Hunt Hall, Zabel Hall (just a corner is visible). .010 - From closest to furthest away:…

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Seven images of campus with Mt. Emily in the background. Going around roughly clockwise from 6:00, the buildings are: The Quinn Coliseum roof, Hoke Hall, Pierce Library, Badgley Hall, Inlow Hall, Hunt Hall, Ackerman Elementary School, and Zabel Hall.

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The Head & Heavens Fountain in front of Badgley Hall, running at night.

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Two images of campus taken from up on Hoke Hall. .009 - From left to right: Pierce Library (partial), Inlow Hall, Ackerman Elementary School. .010 - From left to right: Facilities (partial), Badgley Hall, Pierce Library, Inlow Hall (partial). Mt.…

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"Misc. Activities" Two images of students sitting in a group on the grass in front of the Science Hall. They are taking turns at playing a guitar.

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Originally referred to as simply, "Science Hall," it would eventually be dedicated as "Badgley Hall" in tribute to long-time, Eastern science professor, Ralph Badgley. The Head & Heavens Fountain is running in front of the building, and the side of…

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