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"May 1983 - Badgley Hall Dedication" [The portrait displayed on the easel in some of the images is of Ralph Badgley.] - eighteen images xx256 .002-.003 - Jerry Young (at podium), Dave Gilbert (seated, next to podium). .004 - Dick Hermens…
Two images of students talking with music professor, Lynn Bishop outdoors. Badgley Hall is visible in the background.
Two images of Badgley Hall (originally referred to as simply the "Science Hall"). There are quite a few Volkswagon bugs in the parking lot.
Two images of large, leafy trees on campus. .007 - Badgley Hall (background, partial corner of building).
Three images of campus with Mt. Emily in the background. .007 - Clockwise with Ackerman Elementary School in the middle: Hoke Hall, Pierce Library, Inlow Hall, Hunt Hall, Zabel Hall (just a corner is visible). .010 - From closest to furthest away:…
Seven images of campus with Mt. Emily in the background. Going around roughly clockwise from 6:00, the buildings are: The Quinn Coliseum roof, Hoke Hall, Pierce Library, Badgley Hall, Inlow Hall, Hunt Hall, Ackerman Elementary School, and Zabel Hall.
The Head & Heavens Fountain in front of Badgley Hall, running at night.
Two images of campus taken from up on Hoke Hall. .009 - From left to right: Pierce Library (partial), Inlow Hall, Ackerman Elementary School. .010 - From left to right: Facilities (partial), Badgley Hall, Pierce Library, Inlow Hall (partial). Mt.…
"Misc. Activities" Two images of students sitting in a group on the grass in front of the Science Hall. They are taking turns at playing a guitar.
Originally referred to as simply, "Science Hall," it would eventually be dedicated as "Badgley Hall" in tribute to long-time, Eastern science professor, Ralph Badgley. The Head & Heavens Fountain is running in front of the building, and the side of…
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