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Eight images of students walking together in small groups on campus sidewalks. A number of them are dressed extra nicely and carrying briefcases.

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"4/1987 - Campus scenes" Two images of two young men talking and relaxing outdoors on one of the brick enclosed planting beds. A line of stone benches runs along the planting bed.

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"4/1987 - Campus scenes" Five images of two young women studying together outdoors at one of the campus, stone picnic tables. .005-.006 - Inlow Hall (background). .009 - Inlow Hall (background).

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"1983" Two images of four students on a campus sidewalks near Hoke Hall.

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"Conrade Head, Faculty" Professor Conrade Head stands in the middle of an evergreen bush in one of the campus planting beds conducting a science class about leaves and plants.

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Four images of an EOSC employee laying bricks to create one of the planting beds on campus.

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Five images of the newly planted turning circle next to Zabel Hall after a car has hopped the curb and damaged the area.

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Five images of an EOSC employee who appears to be George McClure. He is standing next to a large, wood planter out in front of Hoke Hall

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Inlow Hall (left) and Pierce Library (right), either seen through a set of glass doors, or as a reflection in the doors themselves.

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Two images of EOSC employees, Howard Anderson (on the left), and Jerry McCarthy (on the right), walking together while looking at something away in the distance. Both of the men have their backs to the camera, and they are both wearing sports coats.…

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