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"4/1987 - Campus scenes" Three images of Provost Jim Hottois (left) walking with Jens Robinson (right) down one of the campus sidewalks near Pierce Library. .002-.003 - Pierce Library (background).

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"Choir Tour" Six images of members of the EOSC Choir preparing to leave on tour. They are loading equipment onto a bus in the parking lot that used to exist next to Inlow Hall and waving good-bye. .007 - [Appears to be:] Dea McAvoy (4th in from…

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Eight images taken during the Festival of Fine Arts of students demonstrating different art forms .009 - George Nightingale (left). .012 - Paul Bruncke (background, slightly out of focus). .018 - Pierce Library (back end, partial).

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Three images of students outdoors at different locations around campus. xx192 .002 - Ackerman Elementary School (partial). .006 - Pierce Library (background). .009 - [Photo appears in the 1968 Mountaineer yearbook, pg. 39.] xx195 .012 - Hoke building…

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A track athlete clears the bar in his high jump attempt. Partial views of the buildings in the background are from left to right: Hoke Hall, Pierce Library, and Zabel Hall.

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Six images of an unidentified young man sitting on the railing of the Hoke Hall outdoor patio. .002 - Ackerman Elementary School (background). .003 - Background from left to right: Pierce Library (partial corner), Inlow Hall, Ackerman Elementary…

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Three images of a young woman running up the street that used to be in front of Pierce Library.

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An unidentified EOSC employee is out on the front steps area of Pierce Library. He is wearing a derby hat and holding a briefcase. xx186 .019 - Pierce Library entrance. [Background: Same person in 2012.2.xx147.012] .020-.021 - Background: Inlow Hall…

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An image of the starting line for a race at a track meet. An official stands on a ladder while holding the starter's pistol aloft. In the background from left to right are the Hoke Building, Pierce Library, and Ackerman Elementary School. In the…

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Two images of campus buildings taken from the area of the new Zabel Hall. .004 - Ackerman Elementary (left, surrounded by trees), Hunt Hall (right). .007 - Pierce Library (central). Background: Badgley Hall (far left), Inlow Hall (far right).

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