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"Zabel" Two young women stand next to each other talking near a brick gardening bed. To the right, a professor leaves Zabel Hall with briefcase in hand. Further back on the sidewalk, right outside the entrance, two more students are making their way.…
"5/1985" A young man walks on a central campus sidewalk, and behind him, a young woman works at one of the stone picnic tables.
"October 24-25, 1975 - Octoberfest"
After the October Festival, the empty booths sit in a line waiting to be deconstructed and stored for the next year's festival.
"March 29, 1976 - Campus scenes"
Two students walk on the campus brick and cement sidewalks.
"October 9, 1978 - Fall campus scenes"
Students enjoy the nice wearther, relax, and talk while laying on the grass near Hunt Hall.
"October 15, 1979"
Several students gather at a bench just outside the front entrance to Pierce Library. There is a bag sitting by the bench with the island name of "Palau" on it.
"June 1980 - Graduation" An image of graduates and their families. Mike Daugherty (left edge).
"October 1980" Two images of Zabel Hall taken from a short distance away. Students mingle and socialize on the grass and sidewalks near the building.
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