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Two images of a fire engine's bucket being raised over Amanda Zabel Hall. [The sign by the entrance first read: "Classroom Building," but at this point, it reads: "Amanda Zabel Hall."]
"Classroom Building - Zabel Hall" The newly built, Zabel Hall. [Note that the white sculpture has already been placed in front of the building before there was even grass put in.]
"4/1991" An image of a professor, who is hamming for the camera, and students walking outdoors in front of Zabel Hall.
"8/7/1991" Seven images of students outdoors on campus. .001 - Loso Hall (background). .005 - White sculpture (background). .007-.008 - White sculpture (background). .013 - Loso Hall (background).
"1989" Four images of Ackerman Elementary School, nearly obscured by leafy trees. .003-.004 - White sculpture (left foreground). .005 & .010 - White sculpture (background, left side of image).
"1989" Eight images of Hoke Hall taken from different sides of the building. 89145 .001-.002 - White sculpture (left foreground). 89148 .027 & .030 - White sculpture (left foreground).
"1989" Eight images of students walking across various areas of campus. 89134 .006 - Zabel Hall (left), White sculpture (right foreground), Hunt Hall (right background, partial). 89150 .010 - Zabel Hall (right), Mt. Emily (background). .013 - White…
"1989" Four images taken from different sides of Zabel Hall.
"1989" An image of the white sculpture that sat out in front of Zabel Hall for many years.
"1989" An image of a young man sitting on the white sculpture outside of Zabel Hall. Hunt Hall is partially visible in the background.
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