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Two images of a fire engine's bucket being raised over Amanda Zabel Hall. [The sign by the entrance first read: "Classroom Building," but at this point, it reads: "Amanda Zabel Hall."]

Position: 9494 (2 views)
"Classroom Building - Zabel Hall" The newly built, Zabel Hall. [Note that the white sculpture has already been placed in front of the building before there was even grass put in.]

Position: 6115 (3 views)
"4/1991" An image of a professor, who is hamming for the camera, and students walking outdoors in front of Zabel Hall.

Position: 9494 (2 views)
"8/7/1991" Seven images of students outdoors on campus. .001 - Loso Hall (background). .005 - White sculpture (background). .007-.008 - White sculpture (background). .013 - Loso Hall (background).

Position: 4187 (4 views)
"1989" Four images of Ackerman Elementary School, nearly obscured by leafy trees. .003-.004 - White sculpture (left foreground). .005 & .010 - White sculpture (background, left side of image).

Position: 9494 (2 views)
"1989" Eight images of Hoke Hall taken from different sides of the building. 89145 .001-.002 - White sculpture (left foreground). 89148 .027 & .030 - White sculpture (left foreground).

Position: 3033 (5 views)
"1989" Eight images of students walking across various areas of campus. 89134 .006 - Zabel Hall (left), White sculpture (right foreground), Hunt Hall (right background, partial). 89150 .010 - Zabel Hall (right), Mt. Emily (background). .013 - White…

Position: 3033 (5 views)
"1989" Four images taken from different sides of Zabel Hall.

Position: 9494 (2 views)
"1989" An image of the white sculpture that sat out in front of Zabel Hall for many years.

Position: 1600 (7 views)
"1989" An image of a young man sitting on the white sculpture outside of Zabel Hall. Hunt Hall is partially visible in the background.

Position: 9494 (2 views)

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