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On a nice day, students relax and socialize outdoors near Hoke Hall.
"4/1987 - Campus scenes" Two images of Sam Shorb riding a lawnmower while mowing the grass near the side of Inlow Hall.
"4/1987 - Campus scenes" Four images of a group of Ackerman Elementary students who have gathered around two girls who are arm wrestling while laying on the grass facing each other.
"May 1983" Two images of students sitting outdoors on the grass in small groups.
"5/1983" Two images of two young women sitting out on the grass in front of Hoke Hall. In the background, four people are at the top of the stairs talking.
Two images of students relaxing on the grass near Hoke Hall.
Twelve images of model airplane enthusiasts putting on an air show for a group of Ackerman Elementary Students.
"1972" Four images of the recently completed addition to the College Coliseum building which included a swimming pool. The building would eventually be named "Quinn Coliseum" after long-time coach Bob Quinn.
Twelve images of an unidentified guest speaker talking to a decent sized audience outdoors. The listeners are sitting on the grass on a gentle slope under the shade of the trees.
A number of students have spread their pieces of pottery that they are selling out on the grass in the shade of a large tree.
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