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"October 24-25, 1975 - Octoberfest" - twelve images
"October 24-25, 1975 - Octoberfest" - eleven images xx282 .015 - Rodney Briggs (right). .020-.021 - Burke Thomason (bottom, right side). Carmelo Bellavia (male dancer with dark hair, eyebrows, and mustache). xx288 - [Not attributed to The Observer.…
"October 24-25, 1975 - Octoberfest" Two images of an unidentified man creating a ceramic piece on a pottery wheel.
"October 24-25, 1975 - Octoberfest" - two images .006-.007 - Hunt Hall (background).
"October 24-25, 1975 - Octoberfest" - three images xx282 .003 - Rodney Briggs (left side, holding hand of young woman in costume). xx288 - [Not attributed to The Observer. Photographer: Anon]. .051 - Rodney Briggs (dancing with young woman), Ted…
Six images of a live band, [possibly "Crumar"] playing at the October Festival while people dance. .004 - Mike Daugherty (right). .007 - Mike Daugherty (3rd in from left). .008 - Mike Daugherty (facing camera).
Three images of the area fenced off as a beer garden at the October Festival.
"10/1990 - Oktoberfest" Fourteen images of people socializing, eating, and dancing during the Homecoming and Oktoberfest activities. .007 - Leen Inghels (in profile). .018 - Leen Inghels (right, back to camera).
"10/1990 - Oktoberfest" Ten images of the officials presiding over Homecoming and Oktoberfest activities. .001 - Floor level from right to left: Kelly Yenser (1st, in profile), Dave Gilbert (3rd, in profile), Leen Inghels (4th), Terral Schut (6th, in…
"October 1989" Five images of the folk music band, "High Fives" playing at the dance during the Homecoming and October Festival activities.
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